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Welcome to the Fuel Up to Play 60 Newsroom. Follow Fuel Up to Play 60 news and events around the country and learn how the program continues to impact communities nationwide.

Congrats to our 2014-2015 State and National Ambassadors!

3670SA StudentsThere were so many amazing applications for State and National Ambassadors this year, and these students scored a major touchdown! In addition to receiving high caliber  leadership training at the 2014 Student Ambassador Summit in Arlington, Texas, these awesome students will go on to lead healthy changes in their schools and communities throughout the school year!3055 They’ll also represent Fuel Up to Play 60 and their schools at local and national events, so join us in giving them a huge hand!

Keep up with all Student Ambassador Summit news and messages from our new State and National Ambassadors on FuelUpToPlay60.com, our student blog The Huddle, or our social media channels on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

National Ambassadors

  • Anisha, 7th Grade (New Jersey)
  • Bradley, 6th Grade (New Jersey)
  • Frank, 9th Grade (Minnesota)
  • Grace, 6th Grade (Wisconsin)
  • Heaven, 8th Grade (Louisiana)


  • Jacob, 8th Grade


  • Austin, 8th Grade


  • Cole, 8th Grade


  • Roddy, 5th Grade
  • Tyler, 4th Grade


  • Evanna, 9th Grade


  • Bryan, 7th Grade
  • Maya, 7th Grade
  • Nicole, 11th Grade


  • Elijah, 6th Grade


  • Gage, 5th Grade


  • Evelyn, 11th Grade
  • Tayann, 7th Grade


  • Sulaimaan, 6th Grade


  • Rylie, 9th Grade


  • Piper, 4th Grade


  • Abigail, 5th Grade
  • McKenzie, 5th Grade


  • Lauryn, 8th Grade


  • Tyler, 6th Grade


  • Shelbie, 5th Grade


  • Madison, 8th Grade


  • Faith, 7th Grade


  • Taylor, 7th Grade


  • Alaina, 6th Grade


  • Kimberly, 6th Grade


  • Drew, 6th Grade
  • Alyssa, 8th Grade

North Carolina

  • Claire, 6th Grade

North Dakota

  • Maddy, 7th Grade


  • Rachel, 6th Grade

New Hampshire

  • Abby, 6th Grade

New Jersey

  • Jake, 6th Grade
  • Nadya, 7th Grade
  • Troy, 7th Grade

New York

  • Ericka, 7th Grade
  • Jailene, 7th Grade
  • Jarod, 8th Grade


  • Avery, 8th Grade
  • Johnathan, 5th Grade


  • Remington, 7th Grade


  • Ethan, 7th Grade
  • Jonathon, 6th Grade

Rhode Island

  • Hannah, 7th Grade

South Carolina

  • Alice, 8th Grade

South Dakota

  • Alexis, 7th Grade


  • Samantha, 8th Grade


  • Eric, 5th Grade
  • Tiera, 5th Grade


  • Eliza, 9th Grade


  • Shea, 5th Grade


  • Andrew, 6th Grade

West Virginia

  • Rebekah, 5th Grade
  • Trenton, 6th Grade


  • Brad, 7th Grade

Youth Council

  • Abby, 8th Grade (Indiana)
  • Emma, 11th Grade (Virginia)
  • Hunter, 10th Grade (Idaho)
  • Jaclyn, 8th Grade (Massachusetts)
  • Kaylene, 10th Grade (Colorado)
  • Noa, 9th Grade (Maine)
  • Rachael, 8th Grade (Missouri)
  • Saira, 9th Grade (New Jersey)
  • Tiger, 10th Grade (Georgia)
  • Tyler, 10th Grade (Michigan)

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Congratulations to the Winning Team Up Contest Dynamic Duos!

Fuel Up to Play 60’s Team Up Contest challenged student Ambassadors and Program Advisors to work together as dynamic duos and snap a creative photo demonstrating how they work together to accomplish healthy changes in their school!*

Dynamic duos from all over the country teamed up and entered the contest for a chance to show Fuel Up to Play 60 their school’s creative and innovative methods of staying healthy! Grand prize winners won customized NFL merchandise, and first place winners won a Fuel Up to Play 60 Prize Pack for their school!

Check out some of the Team Up Contest winners below, and join us in wishing them warm congratulations!

Want to team up for healthy change at your school? Go to FuelUpToPlay60.com, and sign up today!

Grand Prize Winners:

WI_Lynn L

Program Advisor Lynn L. and Ambassador Mati G., WI

Rockin’ 2014! Our school is a rookie to the program, but with Mati as an Ambassador, we are steppin’ up the excitement at our school.

 PA_Jennifer W.

Program Advisor Jennifer W. and Ambassador Abby S., PA


NJ_James O

Program Advisor James O. and Ambassador Amanda C., NJ

Reaching for the top ’cause Quibbletown never stops!

 OH_Bridget C

Program Advisor Bridget C. and Ambassador Elizabeth C., OH

Together we “pass” Fuel Up programming to our school so they are “set” to Fuel Up with good nutrition and Play 60 minutes every day.

 WI_Jill R

Program Advisor Jill R. and Ambassador Grace M., WI

Exercise, feed the hungry and show your NFL spirit at our Fuel Up to Play 60 “Soup”er Bowl Party!

SC_Monique C.

Program Advisor Monique C. and Ambassador Christian M., SC

No time for breakfast? No fear.  Grab and go is here! Be sure to get your dairy or your grades could be scary!

 WI_Paula C

Program Advisor Paula C. and Ambassador Anna S., WI

Paula encourages Anna to check out the Fuel Up to Play 60 website for fun, but only if it can be included with some play time! Might as well multitask!

 WV_Tiffany P

Program Advisor Tiffany P. and Ambassador Keri M., WV

We’re ready to cheer on all our students as they choose to live a healthy lifestyle!

 MN_Linda B

Program Advisor Linda B. and Ambassador Javonte T., MN

Fender Blender Healthy Smoothie In-Class Wellness Break!

 MO_Karen M

Program Advisor Karen M. and Ambassador Taylor L., MO

When in doubt, dance it out!

 Got Smootie

Program Advisor Molly K. and Ambassador Morgan T., WI

Got smoothie?

 WI_Teresa B

Program Advisor Teresa B. and Ambassador Leah K., WI

Climbing to the top with Fuel Up to Play 60.

MI_Laurie M

Program Advisor Laurie M. and Ambassador Joey M., MI

Joey and Mrs. M. make Fuel Up to Play 60 after-school sports rock! Fuel Up to Play 60 sponsors after-school archery club, volleyball and dodge ball!

 TX_Jackie C

Program Advisor Jackie C. and Ambassador Jayden B., TX

You got served!

IL_Lynette B

Program Advisor Lynette B. and Ambassador Makenna W., IL

Balancing is a ball!

 OH_Daniel C

Program Advisor Daniel C. and Ambassador Isabelle E., OH

Fitnessgram + Flexibility = Fun.

 PA_Malinda V

Program Advisor Malinda V. and Ambassador Emily S., PA

Fueling Up with milk and reaching new heights!

 TN_Tammy R

Program Advisor Tammy R. and Ambassador Marissa H., TN

Scooting our way to get 60 minutes a day!

 AR_Michele B

Program Advisor Michele B. and Ambassador Marissa B., AR

Jump onboard with Fuel Up to Play 60 and challenge your school to get 60 minutes each day.

 FL_Jason G

Program Advisor Jason G. and Ambassador Alisandra B., FL

Coach G and student Ambassador Ali are turning their school upside down for Fuel Up to Play 60.

 AZ_Christine M

Program Advisor Christine M. and Ambassador Alyssa B., AZ

Exer-gaming our way to increased fitness and improved nutrition at JRE.

 WV_Tammy M

Program Advisor Tammy M. and Ambassador Shelby H., WV

Milk tickets anyone? Milk Ticket Week with our “got milk?” slogan!

 WI_Juilie H

Program Advisor Julie H. and Ambassador Grace L., WI 

I tried it – I liked it! I guess my mom was right! “You might like it if you try it.” Taste Testing Tuesdays ROCK!

 AZ_Juline C

Program Advisor Juline C. and Ambassador Emma P., AZ

Nutrition tips are popping up all over JRE in Payson, Arizona.

 TX_Lynell A

Program Advisor Lynell A. and Ambassador Michael M., TX

Program Advisors + student Ambassadors = Pyramid of Success!


First Place Winners:

Program Advisor Jeanine R. and Ambassador Jailene C., NY

Program Advisor Cheryl S., and Ambassador Joshua S., TX

Program Advisor Cassie B. and Ambassador Abby E., IN

Program Advisor Marybelle D. and Ambassador Bobby S., FL

Program Advisor Dina T. and Ambassador Emily T., MI

Program Advisor Joann J. and Ambassador Jason S., DE

Program Advisor Maureen K. and Ambassador Jonathon S., PA

Program Advisor Jenifer P. and Ambassador Zhanna G., MD

Program Advisor Lisa R. and Ambassador Trenton S., WV

Program Advisor Darah S. and Ambassador Morgan F., OH

Program Advisor Trevor B. and Ambassador Maddy K., ND

Program Advisor Janis B. and Ambassador Ashley L., ID

Program Advisor Jessie C. and Ambassador Dannis W., NE

Program Advisor Chad H. and Ambassador Lillian S., IA

Program Advisor Pamela H. and Ambassador Kylie K., MN

Program Advisor Shelli L. and Ambassador Emily W., OK

Program Advisor Kim M. and Ambassador Jessica U., KS

Program Advisor Linda R. and Ambassador Madison C., IL

Program Advisor Armondo R. and Ambassador Brooke D., SD

Program Advisor Tracey S. and Ambassador Robbie S., AR

Program Advisor Bet H. and Ambassador Noah C., VT

Program Advisor Lynda M. and Ambassador William M., CT

Program Advisor Janet R. and Ambassador Katie W., MA

Program Advisor Michelle D. and Ambassador Olivia K., TN

Program Advisor Andrea G. and Ambassador Donovan G., VA

Program Advisor Russ M. and Ambassador Ricky D., NC

Program Advisor Tonya P. and Ambassador Logan P., KY

Program Advisor Debbie W. and Ambassador Jessie M., GA

Program Advisor Melissa D. and Ambassador Alaysia W., SC

Program Advisor Magie W. and Ambassador Chris N., WA

Program Advisor Nicole C. and Ambassador Tyler C., CO

Program Advisor Karly E. and Ambassador Gregory & Patrick M., WY

Program Advisor Kim P. and Ambassador Logan L., MO

Program Advisor Kyle P. and Ambassador Alyssa S., MT

Program Advisor Kimberley W. and Ambassador Nadia H., WI

Program Advisor Donna M. and Ambassador Rebekah M., AZ

Program Advisor Alecia B. and Ambassador Alea B., NJ

Program Advisor Jenifer H. and Ambassador Rylen H., OR

Program Advisor Stewart C. and Ambassador William W., MS



*NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Many will enter, few will win. See official rules for “Fuel Up to Play 60 Team Up Contest.” The NFL Entities (as defined in official rules), National Football League Players Association and National Football League Players Incorporated, have not offered or sponsored this sweepstakes in any way.


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