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Make a Difference in the Health of Today’s Children

Health and wellness professionals – including registered dietitians, family physicians, pediatricians and school nutrition professionals – are essential in helping students understand how to live long, healthy lives by making nutritious food choices and getting daily physical activity.

Spread the Message

Health and wellness professionals’ involvement in Fuel Up to Play 60 helps to raise awareness and educate local schools and communities about the importance of providing access to nutrient-rich foods and opportunities to be physically active in schools.

Get Involved Locally

You can contribute by providing your expertise, hands-on assistance and moral support to local schools to implement Fuel Up to Play 60. Helping your community understand the importance of “fueling up” with nutrient-rich foods and getting at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day is a valuable step towards establishing lasting healthy changes with schools and students in your local area.

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