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For Parents

Parents, you’re on the frontlines when it comes to helping your kids form healthy habits. Fuel Up to Play 60 provides tools and resources you can use to encourage your children to eat healthy and get active at school. Learn more about Fuel Up to Play 60 and how to get involved today to ensure your kids are on track toward a healthier future!

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For Community Supporters

Fuel Up to Play 60 gives leaders in health, business, government and communities nationwide the opportunity to be a part of a movement that can reverse the trend of increasing weight and sedentary lifestyles among America’s youth. Community support, your support, can help make a difference in creating healthy students and schools.

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For Health & Wellness Professionals

As a health professional, we count on you to help raise awareness and educate your community on how nutrition and physical activity impacts kids health and school performance. Learn how you can help schools implement Fuel Up to Play 60.

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